24 Hour Service


24-7 Support
  • Our 24-hour service is what sets us above our competitors. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small café or an ever-busy bar. If you need us, we’re there – 24/7.
  • From the hours of 7:30 am – 5:00 pm, there is always someone in the Polar Bear office to assist you. Whether receiving trouble shooting tips for on-the-spot quick fixes, or scheduling an install or maintenance on your system, you will find yourself speaking with someone eager to address all of your concerns. You will not have to deal with a lengthy computer automated list of extensions to dial. A real person will be ready to take your call right away.
  • When service is needed, we will come to your establishment and diagnose the problem. Our qualified service people are always well supplied with the tools and equipment needed to complete the job at hand. Polar Bear service technicians have the knowledge and training needed to make all repairs necessary.
  • There is an emergency telephone number (917) 288-0289 we can be reached at as well, after the Polar Bear office closes. So even after office hours, you can still expect the same prompt assistance.
  • There’s a text line for placing orders digitally any time day or night, just text (516) 710-1411 and tell us what you need!
  • We know how important it is for your establishment to run smoothly. Polar Bear of New York is committed to ensure that it does.